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Random Name Pickers Wheels - The Ultimate Generator of Online Spin the Wheels

Looking for a fun, easy way to make decisions, pick random winners, or divide into groups? Look no further than BravoWheel.com - The ultimate online spin the wheel and random name picker.

Simply add names to your wheel, give it a spin, and let fate randomly decide the winner. A quick, easy, absolutely free solution for making group decisions and choices.

BravoWheel is incredibly versatile - use it for games, classrooms, meetings, and any other situation where you need to make quick decisions or randomly select from a group. Best of all, BravoWheel is completely free and easy to use!

How Wheel Spinner Name Generator Works

BravoWheel is essentially a virtual spinning wheel that allows you to enter custom text or names into the wheel. You can enter up to 500 names or items into the wheel. 

To get started, simply open BravoWheel.com and delete the default text in the wheel. Then type or paste your custom entries into the wheel, with each entry on a new line. Entries can include names, words, phrases, emojis - anything you want!

Once your entries are added, just hit the Spin button or spin the wheel to get a random selection. The wheel will spin, and the winner will be displayed based on where the arrow lands. It's a game of chance, just like a real prize wheel!

After the spin, you can view the results to see the randomly selected winner. You can keep spinning with the same entries or reset the wheel and start over.

Who is this spin random name generator wheel for?

BravoWheel has endless applications - here are just a few ideas:


Select random students, make groups, pick activity winners:

  • Select random students to answer questions or participate in activities. Make learning more fun and interactive by letting the wheel pick students rather than just asking for volunteers.
  • Spin the wheel to randomly divide students into groups or pairs for projects, saving time versus manually splitting up the class.
  • Use the wheel for fun class games like spelling bees. Spin to see which student gets to go next.


Spin for truth or dare, drawing prompts, penalties:

  • For truth or dare, enter creative truths and dares onto the wheel. Then take turns spinning to reveal which one each player must do.
  • Get inspiration for drawing or writing prompts by entering various genres, objects, and concepts onto the wheel. Spin to get a random prompt.
  • Come up with silly penalties or forfeits for games involving teams. Land on the penalty selected by the wheel if you lose a round.

Decision Making 

Decide food, movies, weekend plans:

  • Can't decide where to eat dinner? Add restaurant options to the wheel for a quick, randomized decision.
  • Enter a list of potential movies or TV shows to watch, then spin the wheel and let chance decide what to view.
  • Going away for the weekend but can't agree on the destination? Put top location ideas on the wheel and let fate pick the spot.


Randomly match people or generate discussion topics:

  • Have attendees spin the wheel containing names or photos of others at an event to be randomly matched and introduced.
  • Generate random discussion topics by placing various subjects onto the wheel. Take turns spinning to reveal conversation starters.
  • For online meetings or classes, spin the wheel to pair up individuals for virtual breakout introductions.


Fairly pick giveaway winners:

  • Avoid playing favorites or accusations of rigging when giving away prizes. Add names to the wheel and let it impartially select the winner.
  • Enter email addresses onto the wheel and spin to pick a random subscriber to send a giveaway item to.
  • Run an engaging raffle at an event by letting attendees spin the wheel themselves to see if they win a door prize.

Team Building

Randomly group colleagues for projects:

  • Split project teams fairly by adding employee names to the wheel and randomizing groups.
  • Strengthen connections between colleagues by using the wheel for "get to know you" games at a team building retreat.
  • Boost creativity by spinning the wheel to assemble random brainstorming teams for coming up with solutions.

The possibilities are endless! BravoWheel is an easy way to inject more fun and randomness into any situation.

6 Benefits of BravoWheel

  • Totally free to use with no limits
  • Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Customizable with your own entries and names
  • Engaging way to make choices and decisions
  • Available on any device with an internet browser
  • Share wheels easily via social media or email

Why You'll Love Spin the wheel of names - Random name picker

BravoWheel is a high-quality spin the wheel that brings enjoyment and fairness to any group situation. Spinning to a random result is way more fun than just picking a name out of a hat or something from a list!

Some key reasons to love:

  • Adds excitement and anticipation to decisions
  • Gives everyone an equal chance in a transparent way   
  • Eliminates Arguments or disputes over choices
  • Saves time over complex decision making
  • Allows creative expression with custom entries 
  • It's fast, free, and works on all devices!

How can make and spin the wheel?

Presented here is a concise, sequential manual delineating the process of fabricating a personalized spin the wheel utilizing the Wheel Generator tool.

  1. Remove the default names from the 'Entries' dataset.
  2. Please provide your names for record-keeping purposes. It is important to note that each name should be written on a separate line. This entails pressing the "enter" key after writing one name and then proceeding to type the next one.
  3. To initiate the spin of the wheel, the user must activate the 'Spin' button or select the white circle located at the center of the generator.
  4. Subsequently, the individual deemed as the 'winner' is declared. The observation of the aforementioned phenomenon can also be facilitated by examining the outcomes.
  5. The task has been completed. The decision to either reuse an existing wheel or develop a new one is a matter of consideration.

Note: In order for the wheel to function properly, a minimum of two names is necessary.

Let BravoWheel.com inject more fun and randomness into your life. Try it out next time you need to make a group decision or random selection!

If you still have questions about the BravoWheel, contact us!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the random name generator wheel be used for business purposes?

Yes, Yes, Spin the wheel of names can be used for various business purposes such as events, advertising, and games.

2. Is it possible to customize the names or choices on the wheel?

Yes, Spin the wheel of names can be customized by adding specific names or choices.

3. Is the tool user-friendly on smartphones?

Yes, Spin the wheel of names is designed to work well on different devices, including mobile phones. Its responsive design ensures a consistent user experience on all screen sizes.

Responsive design refers to the ability of a tool to adapt and function effectively on different devices.

How does mobile optimization make it easier to use the random name picker wheel? The design of the tool allows users to easily tap and interact with the wheel on their mobile devices, making it convenient to use on the go.

4. How can I ensure the privacy and security of user data collected through the name picker wheel?

Yes, Yes, Spin the wheel of names can be used for various business purposes such as events, advertising, and games.